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Letters to the editor

Trying to exercise a right


Due to the fact that I will not be in Whistler to vote during our upcoming municipal election, I felt the need to voice my concern over the lack of a mechanism to allow me to vote, as well as my choice of candidates. Yes, I realize that there is advanced voting, but unfortunately those dates do not serve me as I am leaving Whistler Nov. 3 — and, unfortunately, as I found out, there is no other option.

Please let it be known that I if I could vote, my ballot for mayor would go to Ken Melamed. Many of you may not realize the role Ken plays on the international stage. He is highly touted by numerous mayors throughout North America as a role model for his leadership skills — that’s huge recognition. His investment of time and energy into our community is much larger than most community members appreciate.

My vote would also go to the following strong candidates for council: Eckhart Zeidler, Ted Milner, Grant Lamont, Chris Quinlan, Tom Thomson.

I am still undecided for the sixth spot for council.

It pains me that my right to vote will not be exercised this time, but by writing to you I hope that the issue of voting privileges for absentee voters will be addressed some day soon in this community, i.e., the ability to mail in a proxy via electronic systems. (We can buy products on the Internet with secure systems, surely voting this way could be the way of the future.)

Having let you all know my personal choice, I still acknowledge and appreciate all other candidates who have stepped up to the plate to run for office. It shows your dedication and care to our beautiful community.

Cheryl Massey


Now not the time to abandon cap

I have some experience and knowledge of the issues and to that extent I wish to share some observations about this election with your readers.

I was surprised on Saturday at the all-candidates’ meeting when Kristi Wells, in response to a pointblank question from a member of the audience, said that she was in favour of lifting the bed unit cap. She described the cap as “archaic.” This was the first time I had heard in this campaign that development on this scale was on Kristi’s agenda. Her speech, delivered moments before, hadn’t come close to mentioning anything about turfing the community plan; nor had she hinted of this in any of her interviews with the media.