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A plea for heroes


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So here we are, a short 15 months before the Games, and the hue and cry, the whining from these same people is deafening, and it’s getting really annoying. They are finally waking up to the reality of hosting the Olympics, the dark side of the rhetoric. The cost of hosting this event in a small community like ours, already under such intense pressure to manage its aging and outdated infrastructure (sewage anyone?), its increasing costs, its environment, its sustainable future, is only now sinking in. Ken Melamed as councillor was the only one who said no to this nonsense many years ago when we had a choice. Exactly because of these concerns, and he was practically drawn and quartered by the same shrill group of developers, starry eyed Olympic boosters and part-time Whistler residents who love a good party as long as they don’t have to clean up the mess.

They shouted us down as having no vision, no business savvy, no civic pride, national pride…you name it. Ken was widely criticized and slammed for his lack of foresight.

The number of letters published in this paper lampooning the current council and mayor about their spendthrift ways is constant. Crikey, we even have our own version of the Republican party, a shadowy lobby group with a suspect agenda listing half truths, out and out lies and misleading statements accusing the council and mayor of high treason and the drowning of kittens! And the thing is, the loudest rabble and complaining is coming from the very same people who so badly wanted the Games to begin with.

What the hell did you think was going to happen? Look around, does it seem that your community has been hijacked again by the dark forces of endless growth? There are so many big holes in the ground in this valley you could be forgiven if you thought the resort was just being built now.