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A plea for heroes


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3) Was this actually the job she was getting paid for? (These spots are owned and patrolled by the municipal parking enforcement.)

In these tough economic times can we afford to lose even one future guest to the resort?

As we go into the ski season maybe it's a good time to discuss with our resort employees the value of treating our guests the way we would like to be treated if we were in their shoes! With the world markets in turmoil guest visits will suffer due to circumstances beyond our control (fuel prices, aging ski and snowboard populations, weak US dollar, climate change, etc.). Harassing guests for no real gain is something we can control!

Let’s be tolerant and show the world our best side!

John Ross


Minding our backyard

I would like to know why someone living in Surrey is in the running to be mayor of Whistler. All the other candidates vying for school trustee, councillor, and mayor have a Whistler address, however Jag Bhandari has a Surrey address. I don’t believe anyone who doesn’t live in the community they would be leading could have the community’s best interest at heart. If you don’t live here why would you care about local environmental, economic and social issues, such as housing?

Please make sure you vote for someone who cares about their own backyard! Whistler is more than just dollar signs to many people who live here.

K. Thomson


What were you thinking?

For the record, I didn’t want the Olympics within 1,000 km of my town, my home of 30+ years. I saw little or no value, I saw nothing but increased costs for us as residents and hyper-pressure for more development on an already severely strained infrastructure, compromised environment, and a place with already some of the highest taxes in Canada… net negative benefit, absolutely. I saw it as a very expensive party that we as a small community, despite the rubbish assurances of our dear friends at VANOC and in Victoria, simply could not afford.

Yet, during the lead up to the awarding of this event, many others like me were drowned out by the boosters and supporters who saw 2010 as a chance to have more, be bigger, ensure more growth, etc. Whenever we asked, Who is going to pay for this? Why do we need this? What assurances do we have from VANOC, the province on how this will affect our community? Where are the financial tools? These boosters and sycophants told us not to worry, we need this, this will tell the world about Whistler and they will beat an even more well worn path to our door. “We will all be secure in the warm financial glow of prosperity ad infinitum,” they said. They told us that the legacies will be forever and that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for our community that will pay dividends for the next several generations of Whistlerites. AND “the games will not cost you a penny, we got it all figured out.”