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A plea for heroes


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But how about corporate business, what middle manager will put his balls on the line to book up here for corporate playtime? What really slays me is the price increases put on everything this year with 8 per cent increases in tickets, lessons and day care. And the frosting on the cake — parking charges. A decision to impose such price increases could only come from so-called Masters of the Universe on Wall Street, whose hubris, amorality, and arrogance has never been exaggerated for the same reason that one cannot exaggerate infinity (thank you W. Buckley).

Maybe good things will be the end result: A new owner with a passion for the mountain, a new city council attuned to the economic crisis we're in and adjusting their spending accordingly, and finally freshies till noon.

Are you confused by hedge funds? I would recommend the movie Wall Street, available at Rogers, where Gordon Gekko coined the phrase "Greed is Good" — just add three 000s to every reference to money to update it.

Hey, and how about our Olympic Village. Did we finance off the village's balance sheet or are we looking at a possible problem such as Vancouver's? Me thinks it's time for an up-date: how are the sales and what is the taxpayer's exposure?

Lennox McNeely


Dreaming of the best

Weeks go by, where I avoid walking through the village to skip the busyness, but yesterday I thought I should take a brief walk through the village to see how it looks right now.

I left work at the Marketplace, and walked up the stroll, noticing the eyesore that has just sat there for months. It is funny to think that the municipal council was in such a hurry to clearcut all the trees and flatten (not quite though) Lot 1/9. Now this was done back in August and the site has sat dormant since then. Now it is in a state of disrepair; the tacky yellow fence is knocked over in places and detached in others.  So anyone and their free roaming child can wander in and out of the site to their heart’s content.

What made me realize why this is so sad and why it puts a black, or rather a white, mark on Whistler for what will be the whole winter of 2009, is that all we asked for was a compromise. If Lot 1/9 had to be logged then at least there could be an outdoor skating rink for locals and visitors alike to use, as well as a “celebration plaza.” The highway upgrades north of Function Junction will be finished before the celebration plaza will be. Heck, we don't even need it for another 16 months anyways.