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Letters to the editor

A plea for heroes


With any luck, the paper has been inundated with letters to the editor from upset parents regarding the day care crisis in this town. With any luck, all parents, and soon-to-be parents, and one-day-might-think-of-being a parents, and the employers’ neighbours of those parents are resolving to become a united front to solve our day care crisis.

Rather than reiterate all the issues contained in those letters, I'd like to offer a plea. This is a plea to anyone in town that has their ECE-IT degree. You have a chance to be a hero. Chances are, you are a mom. Chances are, you are understandably burnt out from the demands of the classroom environment and moved on. But chances also are that you are a loving, caring person who recognizes that they have the opportunity to help save day care in this town for everyone under 3 years of age. Even if it is only part time, even if it is only for a couple of months to buy us some time to continue to work on the problem. Please contact the Whistler Children's Centre, be our hero.

We are in desperate need of ECE-IT Teachers. If you know anyone, or know anyone who knows anyone, please pass along this plea. Thank you.

Stacey Royal


Waiting on Wall Street

Holy crap, Fortress hits the skids and threatens to take us down with them. Why on earth they felt they could finance the mercurial business of ski-resorts with 95 per cent debt and without even staggering their loan maturities is beyond comprehension?

Did I hear that our mayor was offering up our hotel tax to support Fortress until he was reminded it had already been pledged twice over on capital projects? Is it really true that Intrawest employees have been told to use both sides of toilet paper under the cover of saving the environment but really to conserve cash?

So we wait to see if the bottom feeders of Wall Street can extract themselves from this merry mess. What could happen? The lenders might seek to drive a much better bargain and get a piece of the ownership of Intrawest for rolling their loans.

Or the lenders might just as likely decide they would be better off letting the company go under and run it under bankruptcy protection. OMG accountants in charge of a ski-resort — grey suits in the village.

Either way everything is changing for us. Costs will be cut again, good employees with options may move on, but the mountain will stay open as we're still a cash cow.