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Letters to the editor

Advice for entering the abyss


To all mayoral and councillor candidates:

Congratulations for showing the courage to stand up and take an active role in the future direction of our amazing mountain community. You obviously possess the self confidence required to stand up to the scrutiny and inexhaustible dissection that a position in public office inherits. I for one, applaud you and all those who have gone before you.

Tuesday’s federal election has been labelled as a $300 million waste of money and voters’ time (CBC Newscast). This statement was further exacerbated by voter turnout, which for the first time in Canadian history was below 60 per cent. Simply put: more than 10 million eligible voters decided not to vote. We all know why. Most of us did not want to vote because none of the candidates told us what they would do. There was no compelling reason put forth by any candidate to get more voters off their collective butts to put a simple mark on a piece of paper. We were continually told what the other candidates could not do for us, usually in the nastiest way possible. I stopped listening after a while because I did not hear any message that did not start or finish with an attack.

It was a pathetic display of campaigning on all fronts. It was rude behaviour by our elected representatives.

Mayoral and councillor hopefuls — I encourage you to speak to what has “moved you” to enter the abyss of what appears is Public Life. Please refrain from “highlighting” the “failures and faults” of your opponents and those who have governed before you. You too will make mistakes, you too will be judged by just one side of the story, you too will discover that it is “i m p o s s i b l e” to make most people happy.

I for one do not want to hear (again and again) what the past three years have not brought us. I want to hear what you think you can bring us in the next three years. Forget what the supposed “experts” say you “have” to do to get elected. Quit complaining about y(our) predecessors. Tell us what you can do for us. Then just listen and be silent (they share the same letters) until you understand what is needed.

Good Luck to all.

Cole Shuker