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Stephanie Schipper


Looking for missing jackets

I am writing this letter on two fronts. On Friday, Sept. 26 th I was at Maxx Fish nightclub and lost my coat check ticket. At the end of the night my jacket was not there. Now the likely scenario is that someone found it and has taken my jacket. Due to the surveillance cameras not being in working order, as I was told at this time, I have no way of knowing.

However, on the same evening my friend’s ski jacket was missing and she even had her coat check ticket. I am a little surprised at the coincidence to all this but due to the lack of interest and helpfulness of the management I will never find out!

I please ask, however, if you have or know who has my black leather biker jacket (a family birthday present) which had my broken screened IPod nano in its inside pocket, would you please find it in your heart to drop it of at the Firerock Lounge located in the Westin Resort and Spa. No questions asked.

The same would apply to my friend’s new ladies ski jacket. There would just be two extremely happy people. Thank you in advance. We realize there may have been mistakes that caused these actions.

Jeff Higginson


Rescue thanks

Re: Paragliding Crash Sept. 30

Thanks for the effort put out, and the stress/anxiety experienced while helping with my rescue.

Thanks especially to Dr. Jel Coward for flying out to deal with a very difficult situation. Thanks also to Pemberton Search and Rescue and Steve the Heli pilot for a not-so-easy scenario.

Whistler Health Care Centre Staff, thanks for working late!

Ground Crew: Mags the main radio communication/dispatch gal, Janet R. for the “Basket Belay” and storytelling while we were waiting for the heli.   Mark for hopping on your motorbike to rush to the valley in order to initiate the rescue. Thanks to Chris for the shade and giving me a “hand” when body parts went numb, Lisa for the H2O and comfort, Susan for the nurturing, and all three of you for the “ant management”!

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