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Big things from small studio


This year was my fourth for watching Soul Funktion Dance Studio's year-end production. Every year I say 'that was the best yet', and then they go and outdo themselves the following year! Even though like many other 'dancer parents' I am privileged to help somewhat behind the scenes, I still shake my head in amazement at how this little studio, so small compared to studios in larger communities, can produce a sold-out show that is of professional standard, is entertaining and entrancing, colourful, funny and heart-warming all at the same time.

As for the quality of the dance.....! I have attended other dance recitals from other studios and they simply cannot compare, not even close, to the Soul Funktion show.

It is my hope that more and more Whistler residents, both full and part-time, are becoming increasingly aware of this wonderful gem in our community. Living in our own little 'Whistler world' I think we often do not realize the quality of what we have until we see for ourselves what is out there in the bigger world. There is too much of a tendency to say "if it's in the city it must be better".

This was brought home to me in connection with Soul Funktion when I heard some news this week of one of the Soul Funktion 'Metamorphosis' performance troupe dancers who is currently attending a summer dance camp in Los Angeles, at that city's most prestigious dance school. This dancer was immediately noticed and singled out during the introductory sessions at the camp, for the superior quality of her dancing and technical ability, and she was placed in a class with dancers far older and more experienced than herself. The instructors were intrigued to know where she had received her training, and I can only imagine their surprise when they learned that all her training has been at a small studio in... Whistler?... Where's that?

This is an even greater compliment to Soul Funktion when you learn that this dancer is not even one of the senior, more experienced members of the troupe!

I found this news uplifting and exciting. How wonderful and reassuring to learn that right here in our small community, we do indeed have something that can hold its own with the very best!

I would like to thank Soul Funktion's director, Codi Dalen, Heather Stremlaw the Metamorphosis Artistic director and choreographer, and all the studio teachers for all they do for the dancers of Whistler. Also the numerous parents and friends of Soul Funktion and the Metamorphosis troupe who help and contribute tirelessly every year, in so many ways, so that all can enjoy the annual treat that is the Soul Funktion show.