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Jay Wahono


Finally, Dialogue Café in Pemberton

I would like to thank William Roberts and Sheldon Tetreault for their efforts to bring the Dialogue Café to Pemberton.

It is almost perfect timing to start a dialogue (except earlier would have been even better) as it is a time of change and opportunities for the Pemberton Valley, therefore participation and citizen engagement are more important than ever.

The first event “Why I live in Pemberton - The importance of place” was fantastic and we are lucky to have a tool that allows us to be supported in our endeavor and communication to become the best we can be as a community.

For those of you who care for this community and would like to share visions and ideas with the community and our leaders in a casual set up, I urge you to participate in the next Dialogue Café. Then again it’s not just about voicing your needs, ideas and your opinion it is also important to stop and listen.

I sincerely hope this was the first Dialogue Café of many in Pemberton. It will help each of us to understand all stakeholders of this community and bordering communities.

Alexandra Ross


A galaxy of stars thanks

On behalf of the Whistler and Pemberton Girl Guides, I would like to extend a  BIG thanks to John Nemy and Carol Legate from the Pacific Observatory for coming out last Thursday night to give the girls a slide show presentation for their Astronomy badge. There's nothing that gives me more pleasure than to see young girls exploring and getting excited about fields in science and technology. Who knows, we may have opened a new path for a "junior star gazer" to follow in your footsteps!

Melissa McKay

1st Whistler Guides