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I heard that pine-mushrooms take 60-80 years to regenerate in an undisturbed forest. If logging activity is to take place, I am very concerned about the impact on the ecosystem. This is St'at'imc Territory. That mushroom ground will never be the same again.

People have been opposing the proposed logging in Blackwater for many years. I know that people from other bands frequently enjoy coming to pick mushrooms in this area, too.

How does everyone feel about the future of this mushroom grounds? This pine mushroom picking area is so important to me because it is one of my sources of income and also I dry and put away mushrooms for the winter. I enjoy them with my meals. I have been using this traditional mushroom area for about 30 years and I want this area to be left just the way it is.

Also in this mushroom area, I pick swamp tea (labourdor tea), berries and other plants we use for medicine, for example devil's club.

It seems that our community was not properly informed or consulted about this recent sale. Is this how it is always going to be, that the people hear about it after the fact when it is too late?

There must be a better way to communicate with the government and the forestry people so that everyone can learn the facts and get more involved. We need to be provided with new maps that tell us what is going on, so that we feel more included in the decision-making process. I encourage other people to speak their concerns about these issues.



Think of us as you drive by

Attention mountain bike shuttlers up to Mosquito Lake:

Spring has finally arrived and with it, the excitement of hitting the trails after a long winter. A lot of trucks are heading up the back road to access the trails around Mosquito Lake. Travelling up there is bumpy and slow due to the rough road conditions. Once you reach the end of the pothole-filled road it smoothes out and is much easier on your truck as well as your jiggling insides. The tendency with some drivers (and you know who you are) is to gun it down this part of the road at mach speed on the way to their chosen drop off point, and then repeat their time trial on the way back through to town. This causes a lot of frustration on our quiet road.