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Nonetheless, what is important to understand is that colonizers to the “New World” brought with them the “rule of law”. The “rule of law” defined how colonizers should engage with other societies. It also defined “conquest”. In fact, the historical events in B.C. and Canada do not support the definition of “conquest” as defined in the colonizers legal tradition. There was no declaration of war by the Crown nor was there any surrender made by the First Nations. Therefore, by the colonizers’ own legal standards, there has been no conquest of Indian lands.

So, our society has the hypocrisy of going about its business without squarely dealing with the issue of land ownership. Now that is the kettle calling the pot black.

Harriet VanWart


Lucky to have LUNA

Whistler is a great place to visit and an even better place to live, but it remains a small town with limitations not shared by bigger places. At times it’s in danger of offering only a limited range of activities, especially for the few thousand seasonal workers that descend each year and allow the town to function and extract the tourist dollar. If you’re not hitting the hill or the après and nightlife scene then options can be few and far between.

Step forward and take a bow LUNA, which offers a number of events to interest and entertain when the stock standard ski and drink loses its luster. I myself regularly attend the drop-in sports at the high school and recently participated in LUNA’s Texas Hold ’Em comp. The volunteers who make these events possible deserve to be recognized and congratulated for improving the quality of life in Whistler for seasonals and locals alike.

A fantastic effort and keep up the good work!

Simon Ross


Protect pine mushroom grounds

My name is Q'AWAM' (Ryan Peters). I serve as a volunteer member of the Land and Resource Committee in N'Quatqua.

Just recently, we were informed that B.C. Timber Sales had sold for logging, block A78636 (BL002) in Blackwater Region. This cut block is located 3-4 km up right along the Blackwater Creek Road and happens to be a prime pine-mushroom picking area popular to elders and other pickers because of easy access from the road.