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• The B.C. Ministry of Environment has identified the Callaghan Valley as a grizzly recovery area and is working towards increasing the presence of this species in the area.

• VANOC reports that there will be approximately 40 ha of old-growth forest lost. This is in addition to the amount of forest lost during road construction and in the immediate footprint of the Whistler Nordic Centre.

AWARE believes that the impacts to the Callaghan Valley as a result of the construction of the legacy trails are too significant to allow this project to go forward. The negative impacts to grizzly bear (as well as other wildlife and habitat) in the Callaghan presented by the project conflicts with provincial efforts to recover the area. As a result, we fully oppose the construction of any additional features or additional disturbance at the Whistler Nordic Centre location.


Board of Directors

Association of Whistler Area Residents of the Environment (AWARE)

So much more needs to happen

Re: Joe Bako’s letter, A familiar script (Pique March 29)

Suppose I were to move in beside you. You might not be too impressed but you might tolerate me. Then suppose that smallpox swept through your house. Given your weakened state I just might move into your place and lay claim to your belongings. I might also take the opportunity to send your children off to boarding school with Borat for “acculturation”. You might wonder — where is the justice in all this?

Now suppose that every time you try to raise your grievance — I ridicule you through the creation of my own self-satisfying fiction of events. In that scenario, do you think we might have a tough time getting along?

Reconciliation with First Nations requires talking clearly and honestly about what really happened, finding ways to address injustices past and present, and to explore different ways of sharing power. This is starting to happen on some fronts in Sea-to-Sky country — but there is so much more that needs to happen. I want to work for reconciliation. Do you?

Sheldon Tetreault


Hypocrisy abounds

Re: A familiar script by Joe Bako (Pique March 29)

In your letter you put “stolen land” in quotations. You probably should have put “conquest” in quotations also.

Why? Because these concepts are cultural constructions. They have different meanings and operating principles in different cultures. As a result, the perspective of historical events can be very different.