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My business is emergencies, human ones. Most of what lay people consider a medical emergency is in fact something less; an urgency, at most. True emergencies are when the clock of doom is counting in minutes, when the patient's custodians must act within minutes, to stave off disaster.

I bet you three tugs and six boom sticks, deployed within the first minutes of that spill, would have contained it.

That's another Rule of Emergencies: plan ahead. Would you rather that doc taking care of your dying mother was a hero, doing the best he could even though he wasn't exactly sure what to do next, or a trained professional, doing what he had practised many times before?

And another rule: Prevention works faster, slicker, and better than Cure. Where was the B.C. pilot during all this? Sleeping? On the tug? Over at the Chieftain Hotel?

Sorry I missed that March 27 meeting; I was working in Emergency.... and sorry it was so poorly attended; seems folks are pretty busy working these days, what with all those taxes they have to pay.

One final thing: Do not dredge in the Squamish Estuary! There is a hundred years of industrial waste down there; one of the few things that saves Howe Sound is that some of that stuff is buried, silted over by the river. Stir it up, and we will have a far worse catastrophe on our hands.

Sean Crickmer, MD


AWARE opposes additional trails

This letter was addressed to David Riddell of the provincial Environmental Assessment Office. A copy was forwarded to Pique.

RE: Opposition to amend the Whistler Nordic Centre environmental assessment certificate.

We, the Association of Whistler Area Residents for the Environment (AWARE), understand that the Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee (VANOC) has applied to amend the Whistler Nordic Centre environmental assessment certificate (TD05-01) to allow for the construction of 20 + km of additional trails in the Callaghan Valley. AWARE would like to voice our firm opposition to the proposed amendment. We base this decision on the following rationale:

• VANOC’s own studies (in specific, the work carried out in 2007 by Clayton Apps) state that the presence of the legacy trails will result in additional negative impacts to the grizzly population that utilizes the Callaghan Valley.

• There is no business plan of which we are aware that requires additional trails in order to make the Nordic Centre financially viable.