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Weasel wonders, it's not about the bars, it's not about the warm milk either,
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Hats off to Weasels

I only have admiration for all those fantastic volunteers who were involved in helping put on the series of ski races over the last 10 days. There were probably at least 300 of them that worked tirelessly in some of the wettest weather of the winter. Great to see it finally change for the last few days.  

They came from Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, all corners of B.C., and even from across our border to the south. For many, it was a week or so of their hard earned holidays. All the volunteers had two goals in mind: first, to help make the different race courses as racer friendly as they possibly could, and second, to start gaining experience and building the teams that will be running the races in 2010.

There were all sorts of positions, each equally important. It didn’t matter if one was a chief of race, chief of course, start referee, gate judge, marshal, security guard, timer, bib collector, slipper, worked in the race office producing results, or a sandwich maker at 5 o’clock every morning, they were all key to making things happen. The beauty of the 10 days-plus was all the positive vibes that circulated around the course during the day and continued into the “Beer Tent” every evening.

Feel left out? Next year the Canadian Championships are the first week in February, and at the end of that same month there will be World Cup races. They will need twice the number of volunteers, so please consider getting involved.

My hat is off to all these hard working, fun loving people.


Noel Villard



Now a gun...

I am writing in regards to the passionate letters written by Brian Walker and Scott Fennell regarding the shooting in Whistler.

I believe that the service industry has been blamed for too much in these last few years. It still remains the butter for the bread (the mountains) of this town.

If Whistler was a dry resort there would be no jobs and no one to run this town. If we shut the bars at 12:30 a.m. (Scott's idea) then over 1,000 people would be roaming the village with no place to go. May I remind everyone that there have been way more attacks, stabbings, fights and now shooting outside of Whistler establishments than inside.

We can monitor people’s behaviour in buildings. It is when they are in the village we have no control.