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As the old saying goes: “I am alright Jack, as long as you do not sh-t in my pot.”

Peter Alder


LD not part of the experience

With a family of four, I am a visitor, and fortunate to be a local owner, as well. There is no place for a big-box store with discount merchandise like London Drugs on the Village Stroll. The debate has moved from one of a retail/zoning issue that I would argue needs to be in line with the “resort experience” of our visitors — and council is doing an excellent job remaining focused on that — to the much wider case of affordability for locals.

Visitors vacation in Whistler to get away from the strip malls and shopping carts they left at home. They’re not here to buy computers, or 48 rolls of toilet paper from a flyer, that has the same special as in Vancouver.

True, it is important for locals to have better access to that level of affordability — and as you’ll need your car to haul that anyway — petition London Drugs to consider Function Junction instead. Easier parking, shorter than the drive to Squamish, walking distance from the future athletes’ village, large spaces available, and less cost to London Drugs will accelerate the savings for the Whistler local target market — if indeed LD is true to their adverts. Throw in a free shuttle to the village, with the monies saved on rent.

London Drugs won’t try that? Someone more enterprising will.

Sure LD, join our community, be a part of our growth, but respect what Whistler is ABOUT, and bigger, more retail goods on a walking area (or below it) is not it! The unique experience those millions of visitors take away, keeps them coming back, to support the 10,000 or so local souls that love living here.

Tom Merenyi

North Vancouver

Ironies and monopolies

Ironic to see the municipality blocking London Drugs in the village. A great protectionist move for locally owned small businesses that may be affected.

Years ago, I abandoned my locally owned small business after the muni decided it would enter the Internet access provider market. I would love to see how much the muni has lost on that venture.

May I recommend the muni consider selling their biodiesel fuel to the public. Particularly now that we are down to ONE diesel pump in town. Let's hope that another fuel provider is given incentive to break the current gasoline monopoly here.