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Robjn Taylor lets forth, where to see Heather, heralding snow, how to pay for outdoor ed, and more highway frothing.


The Mounties get their men

I was nervous on New Year’s Eve. I mean, when legal-aged, celebratory miscreants travel north from their homes in Creekside, via WAVE transit, all the way to Brio, to recreate soiree-style at the homes of beloved friends and beliked acquaintances, I’m not one to panic.

However, when I consider the possibility that they could be smuggling festive beverages in their backpacks, purses, and/or other such personal compartments, I lose my mind. I really do. To think that these merry-makers, these Citizens of the World, would dare to abuse the public transit, and the community’s trust. How dare they leave their cars at home? How dare they decide that the half bottle, that they already have, will suffice for the evening, instead of endeavouring to purchase a full bottle, sealed shut, with which they might legally travel? How dare they drink in moderation? It makes me so very angry.

Fortuitous then, that officers of Law Enforcement were available to intercept these buses, these Bootlegger Shuttles, and accost the perpetrators within, and relieve them of their discreet alcoholic provisions.

Ha ha, take that you proletariats! Maybe if you’d worked a little harder, you could have afforded a taxi. I doubt the Fuzz would have caught you then. Or, even better, maybe you should have been a little less responsible and driven your car.

And so, a very large thanks: To the RCMP for sending the right message and discouraging alternate means of travel, and for, whilst maintaining a zero-tolerance for alcohol within the village, setting up bus raids at road blocks in Alta Vista (which completely makes sense). Next time, give me a call, and I’ll help you hold him down as you kick the zest for celebration right out of the Good Man.

Robjn Taylor



Vote for Heather

I was delighted to see your coverage of the talented Heather Roberts and the VAST Film Awards in last week’s Pique. However, you gave no information on where to see Heather’s movie or how to vote.

The VAST Awards competition is held annually by Peak Performance, Sweden’s largest skiwear brand. With leading international ski magazines distributing a VAST DVD across the globe and inviting the public to vote on their top movie, plus a $50,000 prize purse, the VAST Awards are truly the world’s largest ski film awards.

The team here at Peak Performance in Whistler are all rooting for Heather and we’d like to invite everyone to pass by the new store in Mountain Square to check out the movies and pick up a copy of the VAST DVD. Don’t forget to vote! www.vastawards.com

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