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Defending Bralorne, chains should be required on Sea to Sky, and we're richer than we think


I take exception to your article of Thursday Dec 14 th , “Bralorne’s gold mine is open but local motel is shut down”, by Cindy Filipenko.

I think that Mr. Beaudoin shaded things to his liking. When he and his group of investors came into the valley, it was with an attitude that they were going to come show the locals how to do things, they were doing us a favour by coming here. Fine, they brought a lot of snowmobilers here, but only for their own benefit. Snowmobilers stayed in their motel, drank and ate in their bar. I don’t believe that the snowmobilers were encouraged to visit any other part of the valley. They are not team players. They are solely here to put money in their own pockets, and to hell with the rest of the valley.

Tyax Mountain Lake Resort currently has 15 local people employed, many which drive from Gun Lake and Gold Bridge. The Gold Bridge Store and Hotel currently employs 11 people, who come from Bralorne, Gold Bridge and Gun Lake areas. Even the small gas station in Gold Bridge has three employees (as many as Claim Jumper had last year). Also, I do know that the Bralorne Mine will hire locally, if possible. Mr. Beaudoin’s group might have better luck finding employees if the wages they paid were higher and they treated their employees better. There are approximately 103 full time valley residents including the 40+ Bralorne residents (twice as many as the article states) the 43 in Gold Bridge and some at Gun and Tyax Lakes areas. So from this number “the group” should have been able to find someone.

Mr. Beaudoin shows his arrogant self in his comment about the gas station in Gold Bridge. “The Guy,” as he refers to him, has been here for 24 years and the hours of operation are always posted. In the summer months the station is open seven days a week. In winter, when tourism is down, it is open four days weekly. In the winter, the snowmobliers can call the owner at home and he will accommodate them. Many groups call and make prior arrangements with “the guy” to meet him and get their fuel, and it doesn’t matter what day it is. Mr. Beaudoin does realize that the winter here is the “slow” period as he had the Claim Jumper closed Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this fall prior to the manager getting injured.

Instead of canceling their New Year’s reservations why didn’t they refer their clients to the Gold Bridge Hotel, The Gold Dust Motel or the Bralorne Pioneer Motel? Because they only care about lining their own pockets. These other businesses would have worked to accommodate the snowmobilers and make their stay in the valley a memorable one. The people here consider Bralone, Gold Bridge, Gun and Tyax Lakes as one unit, the valley. We do not separate ourselves into groups from different regions, we all try to work together to bring as much to the economy as possible.