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Letters to the Editor

Thankful grads, London Drugs ruminations, new radio speak, more thanks, and one more stuck-on-the-highway story.


Super generous supermarket

The Pemberton Secondary Grad 2007 Class would sincerely like to thank Mark and Carolyn Blundell and the Pemberton Valley Supermarket for so generously donating all of the fixings for our Breakfast with Santa. It was a huge success! We really appreciate all that the PV Supermarket does for our school and community, you are truly great corporate citizens, Pemberton is lucky to have you.

We would also like to thank Santa for spending his Saturday morning with us and for making the children of Pemberton so happy. We wish you a wonderful Christmas and all the best for the New Year.

Grad 2007 Class

Pemberton Secondary School


Inside the fun zone

Ya know, no disrespecting London Drugs, I bought a birthday card at their store on Robson Street last month, felt totally grateful for them being open late. But would I feel grateful when they put all our local photo shops, existing drug stores, village hardware store and Home Hardware out of business? No. And forever lose our opportunity to provide a service to our locals and destination traveller, in the form of say, an indoor family entertainment facility. And, create a new live music venue and dinner lounge. All things we need as a resort town with an Olympics to host.

Squamish has a new Wal-Mart and Home Depot, and last year the debate was on how to vitalize Function Junction. Let the folks of London Drugs know there is tons of empty space in our industrial park. Because most folks don’t go on vacation to buy toasters, and once we (the locals) fill our boots with consumer products and cheap toilet paper, we can walk (more foot traffic) around the village we were drawn back to, to look at “For Lease” signs at our friends’ empty stores. And of course that will add to our diverse shops laid out in the original plan for the village, and requested by the Olympic folks.

Price point, price point. People asked why I was moving back here (home). “Isn’t it expensive there?”

Well, yeah. Choosing to live in a place many times rated the Number 1 Ski Resort in North America is going to be expensive. Right…