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Kindness of strangers, what are we waiting for, TW responds, as does Whistler 2020, Science World raves, and radio to live by


The kindness of strangers

Last Thursday afternoon during the snowstorm, my car fishtailed and I ended up in the ditch near Green Lake. What followed will tell you everything you need to know about the wonderful people of Whistler. First, a nice French-Canadian guy let me use his cell phone to call BCAA (30 minutes for a tow truck, they said – ha ha!).

The All-Knowing One (a.k.a. my husband) had always told me if you slid off the road, you should never wait in the car because chances were good someone else could slide off in the same spot and hit you. So, there I stood, out in the snowstorm waiting for the town truck. I can’t even count how many people stopped to make sure I was okay, or to make sure I’d been able to call for help. Lots of people offered me a lift to the village — one nice lady even offered me her scarf!

Luckily, I was dressed for the weather, but after waiting an hour and a half, I was really starting to get cold and shivery. And discouraged. Another lady stopped to check on me, and I assured her I was fine, just really cold. She said, “Do you want me to turn around so you can warm up in m my truck?” And she did! When I got in, I saw that she had a bag of hot food, so she had obviously been bringing dinner home to her family, and yet took the time to help a freezing stranger.

After a few minutes of blessed, blessed heat, the tow truck finally arrived so she dropped me back at my car and went on her way. Is this the end of my heart-warming tale? No, wait, there’s more!

Just as I was about to speak to the tow truck driver, another car pulls up and a man gets out. It was someone who had stopped to check on me earlier. He had returned with hot coffee and a cookie for me! I was so touched, I just about burst into tears. Even the tow truck driver said it was the nicest thing he’d ever seen.

I really wish I had been less numb at the time and thought to ask the names of these tremendous people. I will never forget their kindness, particularly when I see an opportunity to “pay it forward”.

Thanks again to everyone, and Merry Christmas!

Marina Morelli


What are we waiting for?

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