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Tourism is not only about visiting places but also about discovering new things and learning new cultures. This is one of the oldest industries man ever created. In fact, it is probably as old as our civilization itself.

Unfortunately, it is still a luxury pursuit for most people around the world, especially those in developing countries. Nonetheless mankind is always intrigued by other cultures, traditions, languages and ways of life. It is what makes our life interesting.

So if I may suggest something to our front line staff: Do not be afraid to tell the story of your own journey to our visitors. And more importantly, listen to their story. Just like them, we all come here to learn new cultures, discover new things in life and make new friends. By sharing stories, with attentiveness and sincerity, you will make their vacation memorable. By doing that, you are also doing a big favor to our industry and this new home of yours.

It is not how many people you served in one day that really matters, it is about how many people you touched in one day.

Welcome to Whistler.

Jay Wahono