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Diane Mombourquette says she's protecting the assets of the venue, but then goes on to say, "we hesitate to book concerts," and "that experience can be found elsewhere, such as Vancouver." Clearly Tourism Whistler has dropped the ball by telling locals and tourists alike, if they want quality live music on a larger scale, they won't find it in Whistler. I live in the Okanagan and Tourism Whistler will be happy to know that Vancouver will experience my tourist dollars.

Thomas Malpass

Oliver, B.C.


Feeling the blues

Re: Xavier Rudd concert cancelled

I have been going to see Xavier Rudd since he first started coming up here to perform and have always found his concerts enjoyable and the crowd never getting out of hand. I had the pleasure of meeting him in Australia a few years ago and his fondness of Whistler was very obvious to me even then. So it wasn’t surprising when I heard that he was coming back to perform and I had even heard that he had offered to do so at a discounted rate because of this ongoing love affair with our community. I feel we should have tried harder to keep his engagement.

I’m sorry to hear that nothing could be done to offer a solution and I am surprised to read that the Telus Conference Centre, although having one of the largest, (if not the largest) capacities for spectators, does not want to encourage concerts. Obviously larger venues attract more popular/mainstream artists. As a lot of us know, House of Blues is a huge entertainment connection and we should have been more respectful of that relationship.

I suggest that the Tourism Whistler board meet to review their damage/insurance policy and perhaps attempt to make amends to House of Blues as soon as possible.

Sorry Xavier. See you in the spring?

Karen Garrett





Should never have come to this…

Re: Asbestos Found in Shoestring Lodge (Pique Nov. 30)

I was under the impression that Cressey Developments was in possession of the necessary permits to demolish the building back in April or possibly even before that. So for Cressey to say “obtaining building permits has taken longer than expected” doesn’t justify the building sitting idle and being degraded to its present state, which disgusts me.