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Laptop theft, dangers of being a landlord, kudos to a good one, housing shortage, congratulations to the Janyks, outrageous Conference Centre deposits, and eight months for a demolition permit?


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What are you going to do for housing when the Olympics take place? With the influx of thousands and thousands of extra people besides the seasonal workers where are you going to put these people?

Many businesses sent representatives out to eastern Canada on recruitment drives for staff with the promise of housing etc. Many of these people got housing but how many are still out there looking? Many more people than there are reasonably-priced beds.

Who should take the responsibility for these people? Businesses are doing the best they can to find housing but the situation for many is critical. Hostels are full, staff housing units are full. Where will all these people go? If they all leave and go back to where they came from, what will happen to the businesses of Whistler?

Debbie Krecker

Barrie, Ont.



Janyks’ results an inspiration

Congratulations to Whistler’s own Michael and Britt Janyk on their recent World Cup race results!

What an inspiration for our entire community, and yet another reason to celebrate such a fantastic start to the winter season.

We wish all of Whistler’s athletes a fantastic season. Thanks for being great ambassadors for our community!

Barrett Fisher

On behalf of the Tourism Whistler

Board of Directors, and Staff



See you in Vancouver

Apparently Tourism Whistler has decided to eliminate concerts at the Telus Conference Centre. Demanding a $25,000 damage deposit on all concerts is a sure way to accomplish that goal. Conference centre staff are selling the alcohol, so who's responsible for patrons who are over served? None of the major venues in Vancouver charge any kind of deposit, and that includes The Centre For Performing Arts, one of the nicest venues in Canada.