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I find it really disturbing when this writer tries to paint a picture of Whistler as a playground for millionaires and hedonists from all over the world. He seems to forget that Whistler is also a community just like any other Canadian community. The majority of us who live and work here are neither millionaires nor hedonists. We are just ordinary people who try to get by in our own daily lives and at the same time we also try to share our recreation facilities with people from around the world. We welcome all, we serve all and we like to see ourselves as one of the most accessible resort communities in the world. The only difference is that we host 400-plus media/travel writers per year, people like Mr. Smith.

Like any writer who is given limited space to fill, it is probably hard for Mr. Smith to give his readers the complete picture of what he experienced when he was a guest among us. Especially when he is more concerned with entertaining his readers than giving a balanced picture. Nonetheless, Mr. Smith was a guest. He should not judge his hosts by his own personal stereotyping.

Granted, we are a relatively young community. Therefore we are vibrant, energetic and creative with everything we do around here. We do not have a long heritage like communities in eastern Canada. Our history is still in the making, in the hands of the people who just became a part of this community recently, people like me and my family.

What I found really interesting about this place is that we value every life that has existed here before we all came, whether it is people from other cultures, trees or even other creatures.

Not only that, we also embrace diversity in our everyday lives. Whether servicing our guests from around the world or recruiting our new staff, we see diversity as our core competence in making this place magical. Every culture in Whistler finds a way to contribute in the creation of our collective values.

We all probably are looking for the same thing in our lives: a place that we can proudly call home with values that match our own. Nobody wants to wander all over the world for the rest of his or her life trying to find that place. Whistler is such a place for me and my family, and we have traveled half way across the world to end up here. The prospects of finding another place like Whistler are extremely rare. Therefore I don’t take for granted what I have found here.

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