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What's with no gas? Lakeside Park lament, more on scum landlords, green light to new radio station, thanks from Alta Lake and no thanks to Russell Smith


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The point is, council needs to focus on the needs of the transient worker. Give these people an opportunity to be the citizens of tomorrow. Show them that Whistler cares for them enough that the future is worth planting themselves here.

This year, for a brief moment in time, I'll slip into The Creek and visit some of the ex-Backpackers that are fully functioning locals. Please, no parades or bylaw officer reunions are necessary.

Lake Placid Road still has a chance to hold on to the spirit that once filled the entire valley, as redevelopment creeps into that neighbourhood and drives out the last of the skids and their scum landlords, who are going to cash in/sell-out, given the opportunity. This is a last chance for our fearless leaders to focus on what type of rezoning will happen and give incentives to make it happen. Hostels/ Bed & Breakfasts/ Senior Housing/ Employee Suites/ Club Cabins — almost any of these types of bed businesses will help the transient worker find a temporary or permanent bed.

Calen Keath



Go Ralph, go

This is in response to the "landlord Scum" letters. I really think that this is being blown out of context. I think both people that have written letters in defence of the scum landlords have never had to work three jobs to support themselves here in Whistler, or had to pay $600 to share a room with three other people in a house that has four or five other rooms like this.

I think what Ralph Forsyth is aiming to do is not have the poor transient people, that make up the major part of our work force in the winter months, being taken advantage of.

How can you possibly think it is OK for a landlord to have two people sharing a room and paying $500-$700 for a shared room, with two or three other rooms in the house paying the same amount? Believe it or not defenders of landlords, it happens. Ask any of the Aussies who have come over for the winter season.

Jay Wahono mentions "Living in Whistler sometimes makes us forget that we, too are intricately connected to the rest of the world." Well I hate to break it to you Jay, but my friends in the city aren't paying $500-$700 to share a room in a little A-frame out in the middle of nowhere. It's about time someone started to stick up for the little guys. Go Forsyth, go. You know you have the support of most of Whistler.

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