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What's with no gas? Lakeside Park lament, more on scum landlords, green light to new radio station, thanks from Alta Lake and no thanks to Russell Smith


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The RMOW could deem it essential that a movie theatre, a bowling alley, a pub, a hotel, a B&B, a hostel, a bike shop, a motorcycle rental or all terrain vehicle rental store be placed adjacent to your residential zoned property, to enhance tourism. Those of you with property on the Valley Trail are especially vulnerable as the RMOW may deem it necessary to put toilets and a concession stand adjacent to or in close proximity to your property to service the needs of tourists and residents alike.

Let me be clear, I do not have friends who live in close proximity to Lakeside Park or in Alta Vista but I believe, very strongly, that we can all be affected or negatively impacted by a decision to put a commercial establishment and public toilets in an area zoned as residential.

If the RMOW deems that there is a need for a commercial operation to provide watercraft on the east side of Alta Lake then surely Wayside Park is the place to put it. Wayside Park could also be the site for public toilets.

You may feel that the issues regarding Lakeside Park do not really impact you or concern you, but they do. The RMOW’s actions threaten your rights, your expectations and your property value. Get involved to quash their plans, I did.

Keith Fernandes

Whistler & Vancouver


Communication, not confrontation

  It never surprises me to see scum landlords grabbing the headlines. Too bad the papers never publish what they have to say. They did not create the problem; they are only capitalizing on it. It has been past council members’ policies to run them out of town, of course, but only if there is a written complaint by neighbours.

In all the years (15) of the Backpackers Hostel existence never did council ask for advice on what the transient workers needs were. Our rezoning application sat for almost 10 years in the planning department. We were told to forget about it, it will never happen.

Yes, the Backpackers capitalized on it! We racked, stacked & packed, but behind closed doors there was a blind eye and level of acceptance of what we were doing, as Backpackers was seen as a necessary evil at the time because of Whistler's boom growth years.

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