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In "Reconfiguring the Value Equation: Giving People Reasons to Stay and Excuses to Return" (Pique cover story, Nov 16), Lisa Richardson clearly and comprehensively sums up the elements of adding real value to people's experience of Whistler. She achieves a supple balance that recognizes the perspectives of residents young and old, seasonal workers, and visitors.

It was great to get the back story on Jill Ackhurst's outstanding contribution to the ever-growing Whistler Welcome Week, and that of other volunteers like Marnie Simon and the seniors who show a proper welcome to our valuable seasonal staff. Dennis Marriott gives other concrete examples of what really works: this article isn't full of empty talk about value, but practical examples of it in diverse forms.

I also want to echo her remarks about the importance of public spaces: we need more places where people can linger in comfort without having to spend money. I hope that is borne in mind when designing our Olympic Plaza. After the Games have gone, perhaps we could consider having part of the area provided with another playground for the kids, and a covered seating area where people can sit comfortably on our drizzly days — or something like that, anyways.

Lisa's article is simply the best statement I've read on the most pressing issues that face us as we look ahead, and I hope that planners, executives and other decision makers keep a copy on hand to help remind them of the essentials when things start to get bogged down in market-speak or beaurocratese.

Claire Johnson




Now hear this

In your editorial in the November 9th Pique Newsmagazine, titled " A Moment for Unconditional Support" (which I wholeheartedly agree with), you stated that "There are lots of opinions about Canada's new role in Afghanistan. Those opinions should be heard...that debate should continue".

Well, Mr. Barnett, I find your statement incredulous, because during the summer you refused to print my views about Afghanistan in your newsmagazine. However, the week before you published the "pro-Canadian involvement in Afghanistan" views of Jessica Kronis. I simply wrote a letter in response to her condescending and arrogant letter and you refused to publish it. Perhaps you'll "refrain from publishing" this one too. That's your prerogative. But just remember, Mr. Barnett, that you have a responsibility, as the editor of a paper in a free and democratic society and as an unbiased journalist, to cover different points of views on various issues. Voltaire once stated, "I may not agree with what you say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it."