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Nesters goes the distance, Cornucopia kudos, reinforcing public spaces, Afghanistan arguments, Callaghan squirrels, and scum landlords


Where the locals are appreciated

I would like to nominate Nesters Market for “Community Business of the Year”.

Time and time again Bruce, Sean and staff go out of their way to help support our community’s non-profit organizations. By their unstinting donations, they allow our organizations to make our kids into great young people who love and cherish Whistler.

From last spring’s B-B-Q to say good-bye to the senior players of the Whistler Youth Soccer Club, to this autumn’s donation to the 7 and  8 year olds’ soccer tournament, Nesters puts the “icing on the cake” for rewarding  their participation.

Bruce, I would like to thank you and your staff from the bottom of my heart, for continually contributing year after year in helping the community to raise our kids.

Bob Calladine

Whistler Youth Soccer Club


Horn of plenty thanks

I wanted to thank the entire Whistler community for helping to make the 10th anniversary of Cornucopia such a great success. This year’s festival was marked by numerous highlights including a 45 per cent increase in package sales (accommodations and tickets), more program choices for visitors, a record number of media with more than 100 travel writers and journalists, and 27 sold-out events — the most ever for Cornucopia. Thanks to:

• Participating restaurant partners — for serving up incredible culinary delights;

• After party organizers — for heightening our senses with amazing entertainment;

• Accommodation partners — for showing each guest a truly unique Whistler experience and ensuring the event’s viability by providing much needed room support;

• Sponsors — for continued generosity in supporting Cornucopia and other initiatives that animate the resort and attract visitors;

• RCMP — for making sure that all the events ran without incident.

And a special thank you goes out to the Whistler Arts Council and their many volunteers who made our guests feel so very special.

We can't wait to start programming for year 11!

Oliver Flaser

Director of Partnerships, Promotions and Events

Tourism Whistler



All the elements summed up