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Whistler upon reflection

Twenty years ago this month I first moved to Whistler! I came for the skiing and that was about all I did. In the summers I worked at the lake renting out boats, and went exploring in the mountains. Over the years I got married, became a teacher, and had children. Lots has changed in Whistler over these years, but I still love it here.

When my husband and I were first dating, we used to go on road trips around B.C. doing what we called “shopping for a town”. We used to look at other communities and think about whether we should stay in Whistler or go somewhere less busy, with more history, and less tourism (as long as they got CBC radio). But we never chose a different town because Whistler was never that bad!

This past summer we were visiting friends in Campbell River who were appalled that we should still be in Whistler, and really challenged our beliefs about being here. But after more thinking, we realized that we still love it here, and we’re staying.

I love the community. Its size and composition are just the right environment for creative people to do amazing things. I love all the people simply living the good life with smiles on their faces. I keep meeting families made up of thoughtful, loving parents and energetic, friendly children.

I love having friends who have been here a long time and are still here, as well as new friends just arrived.

I love it that there is employee housing. It has allowed us to buy in Whistler, and equally important, it has allowed our friends to buy and therefore stay in Whistler. I never knew how much fun it would be to have wonderful neighbours so close by.

I love the Valley Trail. It sounds funny, but it connects Whistler and lets us be a community away from the limelight. An early morning bike ride in May sees kids on their way to school, adults on their way to work, dog walkers, keen mountain bikers and even older people out for a morning walk.

I love it that we have a mayor who can stand up for our interests in the face of the provincial government and the Olympic steamroller.

I love the proximity to Vancouver. The fact that we live near a big city, an international airport, and that we are a destination resort makes it much easier to see our friends and family from away. Even the friends who have moved away come back to visit.