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Here's what's up with high-school ed, more dog talk, GST talk, and it's dim the lights for Festival of Lights


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Given this context, the elimination of the GST/HST Visitor Rebate Program could have a more significant long-term impact on Canada’s $62.7 billion tourism economy than any other development in the past 10 years, including 9/11 and SARS.

We ask that you support the maintenance of the GST/HST Visitor Rebate Program by expressing your views in caucus, by speaking out against it in the House of Commons and other venues, and by voting against the bill that seeks to eliminate it.

Rick Clare, Chair

Barrett Fisher, President

Tourism Whistler



Do the right thing too...

I apologize for writing about another dog attack so soon after a previous letter, but it seems that there is more than one irresponsible dog owner in Whistler.

My 6-month-old puppy had an unprovoked attack by two off-leash pitbulls at Alpha Lake Park on Thanksgiving Day.

The pitbulls were accompanied by a girl named Shelby who claimed not to be the owner of the dogs; however, that did not stop her from bringing them to a public park and letting them off leash in front of a number of small children and other dogs.

Shelby left the scene immediately after the incident while I took my puppy to have his ear, neck and chest stitched up.

If you are the owner of these two pitbulls — one is a large white dog with large brown spots and the other is smaller in size with brown brindle coloring — I beg you to muzzle your dogs and ensure that they are never in a position to hurt a child or another animal ever again.   If you would like to do the right thing and take financial responsibility for what your dogs have done or at very least to acknowledge the incident, please contact me at 604-220-9803.

Nicole Chambers