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Here's what's up with high-school ed, more dog talk, GST talk, and it's dim the lights for Festival of Lights


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There is no doubt that small schools face a number of challenges in the areas mentioned above. However, through innovative teaching methods such as web cast courses and on-line learning, Whistler Secondary offers its students a full slate of courses. It should also be noted that our students consistently perform above the provincial average in both Grade 10 and Grade 12 provincial exams. In addition, Whistler Secondary’s Flex Ed program will be a featured at the Ministry of Education’s Innovations in Education conference on Dec. 8 th !

Lastly, I would encourage anyone with questions regarding Whistler Secondary to call us and ask. It not only gives us an opportunity to correct any misunderstandings that may be out there, but also gives us an idea of what some of the community concerns may be. Many of the programs in place at Whistler Secondary today were developed in response to issues raised by parents and community members.

Beverley J. Oakley

Principal, Whistler Secondary School


Thanks for the Light

We have just received word that the Festival of Lights has been postponed this season. On behalf of the Whistler Adaptive Sports Program, I would like to extend a huge thank you to the Festival of Lights Committee who have contributed an enormous amount of time and effort to this community event.

Over the last two years, the Festival of Lights has contributed $18,000 to the Whistler Adaptive Sports Program. These funds were used to help further our grass-roots skiing program and to help foster new athletes in the Whistler area. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of this amazing, community-minded group of individuals, we have the potential of seeing a local athlete on the podium in 2010.

We will look forward in anticipation to the next Festival of Lights and would like to thank again the efforts of Ann Chiasson, Barb Cofield and the rest of the team at the Festival of Lights Committee for their generosity.

Chelsey Walker

Executive Director

Whistler Adaptive Sports Program



No parent can afford to be smug

I would like to clear up some misinformation in a letter from Mr. Wilgosh of Squamish last week. First of all, Mr. Wilgosh states that students at Whistler Secondary are “ not able to take all the courses required to continue their education.” T he District 48 School Board created a policy to guarantee that all core subjects are available each school year in all our district schools, including Whistler Secondary. Furthermore, Whistler Secondary has an excellent academic record.