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Letters to the Editor

Welcome, Whistler virgins, tourney and book sale thanks, another dog attack, another Beaudry attack, and what's with high school ed?


Have fun this year new staff

Wow, what an amazing day. The first day of the Turkey Sale was filled with smiles and eyes hungry for powder. It was great to see all the “rookies” piecing together all their equipment for the epic season we are about to endure. Sidewalk sales a-plenty, helpful advice from retail shops and sunshine, what an amazing day!

It turned a little sour for me when I was following some locals home though, they were speaking about alcohol. They were amused by the seriousness of alcohol addiction. Speaking of another who wasn’t around, they mocked his solution to a serious problem. His solution was putting his faith in the all mighty GOD.

It was painful to hear their remarks like that, especially when it concerns a person’s health and wellbeing. Why should this person they were speaking of be tormented for overcoming such an arduous fixation?

I was close enough to say to them “end others’ suffering” but I’m sure self-centred individuals like them didn’t understand. If I were to meet the person they were speaking of before his transformation I would have told him “yo dawg you drink too much”, if I were to see him today I would say “keep up the good work”.

Helping others and giving to others is the best thing we can do for ourselves, it may sound bombastic now but try it. In such a fun party town with more “good times” than anyone can keep up with, it’s hard to not get caught up in the hype.

So Whistler virgins, enjoy and love this wonderful resort, save your money for gear upgrades, hip hop concerts and festivals. Keeping your alcohol consumption to a minimum will guarantee you superb health and more fresh tracks than you can imagine.

Let it snow X 3.

Jesse Wilson



WASP thankful for support

On behalf on the Whistler Adaptive Sports Program I would like to extend a huge thank you to the Whistler-Blackcomb Foundation for making us the beneficiary of this year’s TELUS Mountain Valley Classic Golf Tournament held on Sept. 22. The amount raised has far exceeded our expectations and is an incredible contribution to our growing organization.

For those of you that were there I think you will join me in saying that it was a fabulous day with great weather, great golf and fantastic entertainment! I would like to send a very special thank you to Mei McCurdy and her team who worked tirelessly over many months to put together this outstanding event. We are extremely grateful to Mei for her support and hard work, to the Foundation's Board of Directors and everyone who was involved in the TELUS Mountain Valley Classic Golf Tournament.