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Nice shot

Congratulations! The municipality has killed two birds with one stone. With just one "True Local" program the municipality has embraced two of the most negative aspects of Whistler.

Firstly, by confirming that Whistler is now about big business — local people and companies are now merely subservient to the much welcomed corporate giants, as illustrated by the bulk of the contract for merchandise being offered to Vancouver multinational companies before accepting local tenders.

Secondly, by perpetuating the "I am a local" pissing contest that does nothing positive for the community and is, in my opinion, at the heart of the anti-tourist mentality that plagues this town.

Two birds with one stone, who said local government couldn't be efficient?

David Grimsdell



A leaky ship

The Petro-Canada is coming down but so far no mention of any news regarding the degree of contamination of Creekside. Petro-Canada has been leaking gasoline for how long?

If I have a can of gasoline containing five gallons of gas and I sell one gallon then four gallons remain. If there are only three gallons in the container then one gallon has leaked, seeped, escaped or whatever environmental friendly word you would like to use. How long have they known about this discrepancy and how much have they done about it? If they didn’t know about that one then what else don’t they know?

Four years ago Petro-Canada, proud sponsors of the 2010 Olympic Games, installed some kind of afterburners to inhale and burn off the hydrocarbons drawn from the soils, soils contaminated as far up the highway as…? We were told they would be in effect for one year and the problem would be resolved. The plume from these burners goes night and day and continues to be pumped into the environment. Don’t take a deep breath but please read on.

So the point I am trying to make, and there is a point, is that if they have the nerve to apply for a rebuilding permit then do we give it to them? We have probably elected the greenest council ever and I am sure they are AWARE of the problem, although so far little is being said. Do we do a land swap and put them on more rock and out of the proximity of creeks and lakes and people? We need another gasoline station, no doubt, but is that the ideal location?

The soils need a breather, the traffic design is out of sync, the new hotel exiting onto London Lane is going to cause too much congestion with the garage lanes coming in, and the only right hand turn lane on the highway has not been well thought out. How often have misguided drivers had to back up out of the lane to allow the incoming turn from the highway?

Anyway, it is time to assess the situation more thoroughly. What with the price of gas now days it is hardly worth spilling a drop and I am sure I speak on behalf of many a fuming Creekside resident.

Geoff Swan



Information available

It is unfortunate that Louise Butfield and her friend (A new perspective, Pique letters Sept. 21) were unaware of the new Whistler For the Disabled.com website (www.whistlerforthedisabled.com) prior to venturing out in Whistler. It was for you specifically and others with disabilities that the website was created to provide disabled access and information about Whistler. So my apologies for not having reached you with the news. Although it was featured in the local media it has only been online for a few weeks now. It would have made your experience a little more enjoyable knowing which restaurants and nightclubs were accessible and what services they provided to the disabled. It also points out that everyone living in Whistler who may not have a disability should become familiar with access for the disabled to help out our guests.

It is unfortunate that the Keg has not installed some type of handrail/staircase lift similar to the Savage Beagle’s that is hardly visible, or performed some other form of modification to provide access. Nor have the other establishments you visited modified the interiors to accommodate the disabled while others have gone the extra mile.

Whistler For the Disabled.com has been busy trying to increase the “access” to businesses in Whistler by providing feedback from our website visitors to the local business community. It is one of our major objectives to build access for the disabled through the website. Any restaurant, bar or nightclub that you have to go outside around the building down or up an elevator is not considered to have washroom facilities, as much as they may state they do. If it is not accessible within the premises it is not available.

If the Paralympics were going on right now can you imagine telling someone in a wheelchair you have to go to the next building over to access a washroom and “sorry” it is dumping snow or raining outside, that must be really hard for you!

For a complete listing of accessible restaurants, bars, nightclubs, recreation facilities, assistance, accommodations and news and events for the disabled in Whistler, visit the Whistler For the Disabled.com website.

Huey Tollett



Turn that frown upside down

This past Saturday my girlfriend and I attended the wedding of Tracy Higgs and Dan Wilson and we would like to thank them for one of the best parties of the year. Dan and Tracy are classic fun-loving, adventurous and community minded Whistlerites and naturally attract like minded folks. Not a lot of complaining going on that night. The experience re-affirmed the depth and richness of the community for which we are so thankful.

To those who feel they need to leave this place, you gotta do what you gotta do. But Whistler does not owe any of us anything. Be grateful for what you had, not choked for what you couldn't afford.

To those that feel Whistler has “lost” something with their departure I ask, what were you promised when you moved here? Has this place changed, or have your expectations changed?

Reality check: thank you for the neck-deep pow, the epic bike trails, the lakes, the bears, Dusty's apres, the Rim Rock three-course special, The Housing Authority, Whistler Community Services, the Hairfarmers...   The list goes on. If you want something that Whistler cannot offer, happily seek it out elsewhere and feel blessed for the good times but please, no more whining!

To those who need to leave for affordability sake, good luck finding it in the city... either way, don't be sour at a town that is supportive, loving and enthusiastic. If that hasn't been your experience, well, usually in life you get back what you put in.

Let’s get stoked again. You cannot put a price tag on community or natural beauty. This community rules.

David Smith



Think about it

I just wanted to support Toby Salin’s letter (Entertaining stuff, Pique letters Sept. 21) on the fact that Whistler is not some downtown Toronto ghetto but in fact one of the most memorable and beautiful places in the world.

Rent is expensive? Live with it! Look at the bears and birds we live around, look at all the people you meet on the streets with contagious smiles upon their faces, look at the Whistler Village itself! Two mountains, unbelievable things to do all year round, lovely staff willing to help, great customer service, an awesome view, good restaurants, tours of all types... I could go on forever but I would be talking only to the pessimists around here with their eyes so closed they didn't take time to look over the "rent factor".

This village is the most impressive place I have visited up to now and for all it's worth, rent is nothing compared to the view I get looking out my window first thing in the morning.

And for those interested, Whistler-Blackcomb is hiring and staff housing is available for less than $300 a month.... Think about it.

Jerome Ouellet



People make a race possible

I would just like to take the time to thank a few folks who were incredibly helpful in the staging of this year’s Cheakamus Challenge.

These folks are the people who administrate and look after our Highway Transportation in the corridor.

Firstly, I would like to thank Holly Adams who is in charge of helping Race Organizers and Film crews while working on our highways. She went above and beyond the call of duty making sure that we could run the event during the intense construction between Godfrey’s Lookout and Chance Creek. Safety first is the mantra and I truly feel that this was paramount in the execution of this year’s race.

The second person I would like to thank is Transportation Minister Kevin Falcon who was very helpful and understanding to the importance of this event to the corridor.

The next person I would like to thank is Area Manager, Jim Symington of the Ministry who provided input and guidance in executing and planning the event.

Finally I would like to thank Scott Aitken of the Ministry for being hands on and helping our crew in making sure the riders got to race and the cars got to drive.

We couldn’t have done it without the help of the contractor Peter Kiewit and Sons who pitched in with their staff and gear and made it happen, or the professional help of the RCMP and their members.

Grant Lamont

Race Director

Cheakamus Challenge Fall Classic



Terry Fox Run, a great success

A heartfelt thank you to the community of Whistler! Your participation and efforts to raise money for cancer research in collaboration with Four Seasons Resort Whistler and the Terry Fox Foundation was outstanding this year.

This year’s results were fantastic, considering the moist weather on run day. Together, we raised $12,500 towards a cure for cancer. Welcoming 200 participants and volunteers to celebrate Terry’s 26 th anniversary was rewarding for all.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this day special and memorable.   Special thanks on the day of the event goes to our employees who helped make it happen, our Tourism Whistler assistants, the Hairfarmers, Doug and Greg for the great music, Nesters and McDonald’s, Sabre Rentals, Mike Dean and the Scouts, Whistler-Blackcomb, Darren from Pique Newsmagazine, and of course Diana Rochon of Dynamic Core Fitness who acted as course director with her team of marshals.

Next year our aim is $15,000.

Mary Vaughan

Four Seasons Resort Whistler