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Nice shot

Congratulations! The municipality has killed two birds with one stone. With just one "True Local" program the municipality has embraced two of the most negative aspects of Whistler.

Firstly, by confirming that Whistler is now about big business — local people and companies are now merely subservient to the much welcomed corporate giants, as illustrated by the bulk of the contract for merchandise being offered to Vancouver multinational companies before accepting local tenders.

Secondly, by perpetuating the "I am a local" pissing contest that does nothing positive for the community and is, in my opinion, at the heart of the anti-tourist mentality that plagues this town.

Two birds with one stone, who said local government couldn't be efficient?

David Grimsdell



A leaky ship

The Petro-Canada is coming down but so far no mention of any news regarding the degree of contamination of Creekside. Petro-Canada has been leaking gasoline for how long?

If I have a can of gasoline containing five gallons of gas and I sell one gallon then four gallons remain. If there are only three gallons in the container then one gallon has leaked, seeped, escaped or whatever environmental friendly word you would like to use. How long have they known about this discrepancy and how much have they done about it? If they didn’t know about that one then what else don’t they know?

Four years ago Petro-Canada, proud sponsors of the 2010 Olympic Games, installed some kind of afterburners to inhale and burn off the hydrocarbons drawn from the soils, soils contaminated as far up the highway as…? We were told they would be in effect for one year and the problem would be resolved. The plume from these burners goes night and day and continues to be pumped into the environment. Don’t take a deep breath but please read on.

So the point I am trying to make, and there is a point, is that if they have the nerve to apply for a rebuilding permit then do we give it to them? We have probably elected the greenest council ever and I am sure they are AWARE of the problem, although so far little is being said. Do we do a land swap and put them on more rock and out of the proximity of creeks and lakes and people? We need another gasoline station, no doubt, but is that the ideal location?

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