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People, get out and celebrate your good fortune of having the opportunity to live your lives in this wonderful place called Whistler, for you will be kicking yourself when you find out what the real world has to offer.

Toby Salin



A time to move forward together

I would like to comment on the upcoming all-member meeting of Tourism Whistler next Tuesday, Sept. 26. I believe there will be three kinds of people that will come to this meeting:

1. The people who have enjoyed the best of what Whistler has to offer and they are the ones who think that what is happening now is part of a cycle. The good times will roll again soon, with one magic word: Olympics! We call them the optimists.

2. The people who feel Whistler will never experience its heyday again, unless we do something quickly. “We will get worse before we get better,” they said. We call them the pessimists.

3. The people who just got here and never experienced Whistler’s heyday, so they think what is going on now is normal. A shortage of labour is normal, bad weather from time to time is normal, and the majority of the employees will always be transient people, so it is normal to recruit and to train the new people all the time. We call them the realists.

Either you are an optimist, a pessimist or a realist; we all have the same reality to face in Whistler: We cannot go backwards . We should all get over the arguments on what started this resort in the first place, or what caused the downturn this past couple of years, or why many young people do not come here to work anymore.

Our only choice is to move forward, seize the opportunity and face the challenges ahead. We all then have one simple task in reviving the tourism industry for Whistler: We need to provide what people are looking for nowadays with their vacation . Isn’t that the most important topic that we should focus our discussion on?

Is it that difficult to figure out what people are looking for with their vacation nowadays? Sure, we can form all kinds of sub-committees or hire consultants to figure that out for us. I’d say before we do all that we need to ask the businesses in town what they want to do. Giving them the answer before we ever ask them will only create apathy and make people suspicious of one another. When we ask questions, please remind them that we all need to be constructive in this discussion. All the optimists, the pessimists and the realists out there need to be heard but we will need free thinkers to formulate the solutions. From what I have heard, this resort was created by free thinkers and free spirited people. So I think it won’t be hard to call them for help in this moment of need.