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The Callaghan is completely out of sight and always will be except for signage likely to come. The luge is simply not visible unless you hike part way up Rainbow look across Alta Lake and crane your neck to see an ugly (white you say) tube going downhill, to where?

The Olympic village to be is also out of sight to the visitor arriving by car etc. So it's difficult to get impressed or buzzed because there is no Olympic Disneyland buzz to be had.

Furthermore what Whistler is missing is an "entrance", a "wow" of a welcoming structure of sorts, the first place people stop to take a picture coming in to Whistler, the place they've heard so much about and are about to experience, only to see a gas station first when they arrive.

In regards to real estate values in Whistler, it is my opinion that with the addition of having to weather the expected downturn in the U.S. economy (a good portion of our market), without that missing pre-Olympic Disneyland "buzz", nothing will change much in the next while.

Casey Niewerth.




Entertaining stuff

I’d like to thank Pique’s editor for printing all the "boo hoo I’m leaving town because its not affordable" letters as of late. You couldn’t pay someone to write more entertaining stuff. I get a good laugh each week; especially from the guy who thinks local realtors are responsible for creating the sale price of homes. That’s a good one.

I certainly had no delusions of entitlement to subsidized housing when I moved to Whistler. It’s one of the most amazingly beautiful places on earth, attracting wealth from all over the world. Yes, this wealth runs up the prices, but that wealth also creates opportunity for people to be able to live and work here. People cannot expect the good life to be handed to them on a silver platter without some sort of sacrifice.

The RMOW does more than any other resort community (at its own financial peril) to provide top-notch quality affordable housing. How many publicly subsidized homes come complete with granite countertops/steel kitchen appliances and are within walking distance to world class skiing?   The boo hooers need to move back to the real world to appreciate the lavish nature of affordable housing in Whistler.