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After that we hit Garf’s, where access was great via an elevator off the main entrance (special thanks to Yos and the guys for being so welcoming and helpful to our friends, as usual!).

Kudos go to all of these establishments for having some form of access and their staff were all really helpful. I’m sure there are also other businesses out there that are accessible.

I must admit that I was quite appalled with myself because I didn’t know what places had wheelchair access — something I am now striving to learn. I realized that my friend must face these types of obstacles every day, but it was a new experience for me and at times I felt embarrassed that in order to get to all the great establishments in Whistler, we often had to take a back entrance.

Somehow that didn’t make me feel so wonderful, I wonder how it makes my friend feel?

Louise Butfield




The passion shows

There are three components at the core of any successful endeavour: vision, perseverance and support. All were working overtime this past weekend to ensure another successful Whistler Writers Festival.

Five years ago, a small band of like minded individuals formed the Vicious Circle, Whistler's Writers Group with a vision: attract Canada's leading thinkers and writers to Whistler to develop and mentor emerging writers, raise awareness of local and national writers and draw an audience to our literary events. In 2001, we held our first festival and attracted nine emerging writers and 21 people to the public reading event. Five years later, we've been able to expand our event to a full long-weekend, offer seminars on diverse topics to writers at all levels of their career, increase the number of emerging writers in our mentorship program, and draw writers such as Maude Barlow, Joseph Boyden and Eden Robinson to Whistler so that capacity audiences could hear them read their work and meet them in the flesh.

The Vicious Circle persevered and our commitment to our vision has been supported time and time again by sponsors who also believed. They've allowed us to go bigger, offer more, bring in the best, keep it all affordable and provide scholarships to those who would otherwise not be able to attend the festival. Many thanks to: