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Don't stand still around voiding dogs, running the spud, and more thanks


Dogged by foolish thoughts

I examined my glasses to ensure I had not purchased a pair with rose coloured lenses. I have not. I checked with Dr. Rob and he told me I have not come down with a severe case of wishful thinking. Consequently, I can only conclude there might be a few more dogs on leashes this year than last.

That is not to say there has been a significant reduction in the number of loose dogs. So far the community has not indicated they care by buying the "Please Leash Your Dog" T-shirts from WAG. The only other I’ve seen is the one in my mirror; but at least I am not entirely alone. Three people have told me they really like my T-shirt and one young woman considered buying one for her neighbour whose unleashed dog attacked her cat in her yard.

On my last walk with my mother along the Valley Trail to Rainbow Park I noticed that probably nine out of 10 dogs were free to run in and out of the woods doing what dogs like to do. The big dogs make my mother nervous. One could easily knock her over but the owners don’t give that any thought. The other day during our walk around Emerald a dog dragged itself out of its yard as if to greet us but then lifted its arthritic lip and let out a bark that made us both recoil. The owner’s assurances the dog was harmless neither settled my nerves nor eased my anger.

One day last week I watched as a young woman and her dog walked across the Marketplace parking lot. The dog pissed on everything in sight that wasn’t moving, tires, shrubs and trees. I didn’t stand still. It seemed like such a natural thing to let happen I began to think I must be the one who is brain dead.

Then there are my neighbours up the street. They have two border collies. It is the breed that can only really be controlled in straight jacket. For two years they let their dogs run chaotically as they walked past my property to the park where the dogs ran even more chaotically. This year they are both on leashes. I have only seen them from a distance but every time I do I am overcome by a sense of appreciation.

I then think if they can do it…; but then I stop. I had one foolish thought this time last year. I recall having another one 10 years ago so I figure my next foolish thought is not due for another 10 years.