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I want to personally thank everyone who has been so supportive and helpful! We all should be proud.

Sean Kearns


Squamish’s title on the line

The Government of B.C. wants to log the forest surrounding the Powerhouse Plunge, one of the signature trails of the Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada and of the Squamish Test of Metal, one of the most popular mountain bike races in the world. Many members of the Squamish community, including the mayor, some councillors and the broad-based Squamish Off-Road Cycling Association, adamantly oppose the plan to log the area, which includes the construction of a logging road across the trail. Ironically, it was the provincial government back in the mid-1990s that approved the construction of the Plunge and even paid for a portion of the construction of the trail.

Squamish is known throughout the world as one of the best places anywhere for mountain biking. The economic transition of Squamish from a previously natural-resource extraction-based economy to more of a tourism-based economy has been difficult enough for many. The short-term monetary profit, likely for a company not even from the Squamish area, of logging this proposed, relatively small cut block is overshadowed by the long-term economic benefit for the province and for Squamish, which has the opportunity to show the world that Squamish is indeed the Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada and that it does not squander its natural assets.

Ron Enns

Squamish, B.C.

Answering the call

There is no better place.

I may not write this well, but I’m not going to spend seven years trying, so here goes.

To the principal, Mr Albertin, the amazing teachers, the devoted staff, the awesome students and the supportive parents – to Starbucks, and to Amy Cassidy at Myrtle Philip Elementary School – and in all fairness, to Stella Harvey and the Whistler Writers Group, thank you.

Thank you for being a part of making my author reading on Family Literacy Day such a fantastic event. Thank you for your positive feedback, your kind words and your enthusiasm. I am seriously stoked! Your involvement booted me right out of my comfy couch, made me take a risk and in the end allowed me to enjoy a great victory. Just for a day and because of you, I saw the hero who had been there all along.

Anyone who questions the depth and integrity of this community cannot possibly be living in the same town I am. This place rules, and it is YOU who make that so.