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I don't believe skiing has to be like this. The mountain has to take control. Bob Dufour's solution of "Respect" (Pique Newsmagazine Jan. 19, 2006) certainly isn't going to cut it! What will it take for those in charge to notice - a child's death?

Incidentally, no where did I see a mountain safety person. Olympic Run at 2 p.m. was a nightmare. Where will it end?

T. Powers


How can the community help save Gay Ski Week?

Over the last six days an amazing team of individuals have come together to rescue the Gay Ski Week that has traditionally been one of the largest private events in Whistler, bringing millions of dollars into the community. This dedicated team ( Ski Week) has been working on promoting Whistler to the gay community to increase tourism for the past two years.

Without the amazing support of the local businesses, the RMOW and community participation this event would have been cancelled this year and probably for years to come.

We are going to be hosting guests from around the world and we look forward to showcasing Whistler so that these visitors come back in the summer, autumn and spring.

Everyone in the community is asking what they can do to help? My answer is you can help in a couple of meaningful ways:

1. Come to our community concert and show your support. A portion of proceeds will go to Whistler Search and Rescue. Show your support for this event and this great Whistler organization. TELUS Conference Centre, Thursday, Feb. 9, 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. Tickets $39 at or Tourism Whistler Activity Centre.

2. Local businesses can show their support by putting a gay flag in their windows for this event of the year. Flags can be printed off our site as a PDF in our About US, Press Section.

3. Just smile and welcome our guests to Whistler, come and enjoy our events they are open to everyone.