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Michael Smyth of the Province quoted Kevin Wamsley, director of the International Centre for Olympic Studies, saying of the 2010 Olympics: "Don’t be surprised if there’s a total debt in excess of a billion dollars."

Smyth wrote: "And when it comes to the 2010 Winter Olympics, we’re talking a tonne of money to cover an Olympic-sized shortfall. Vancouver Olympics boss John Furlong dropped more gloomy hints this week about how deep the sinkhole goes in his blown budget. He confirmed the Vancouver Organizing Committee will be hitting up the Harper government for more cash…"

Quoting Alison Taylor’s story in the Jan. 26 issue of Pique: "Monday evening, in response to a request from a community member for an update on the Olympic negotiations, Melamed said Whistler’s requests for financial tools, boundary expansion and a land bank rest in the province’s hands.

"The municipality considers all three issues ‘legacies’ it negotiated with the province in return for supporting the 2010 Olympic bid.

"The 300-acre land bank, which involves Crown land being transferred to the RMOW for ‘affordable’ employee housing, is sitting with the province. Municipal staff has signed off on the lands, which include roughly 150 acres at Cheakamus South, the lands above the proposed Rainbow development, a bench on the road up to Kadenwood and a chunk of land at the Callaghan that may also be sought by First Nations or VANOC.

"Our submission is complete," Melamed told the audience. "It rests with the province."

"The RMOW’s boundary expansion, which includes large tracts of land on all sides of the municipality, was submitted to the province more than a year ago. It is not clear if and when that will be approved.

"It sits in an office in Victoria," said Melamed.

"And the financial tools are still part of ongoing negotiations."

I here-in respectfully ask the following questions to our new mayor and council:

• Why did we modify our original guiding principles and legacies?