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What goes around comes around


The employees’ perspective

Re: Labour unions duking it out (Pique News, Jan. 5)

As the Elected Chief Steward for the CLAC members at Kiewit (PKS), I would like to briefly comment on the employees’ perspective in this raid attempt by the TEL Group. CLAC is not "vying" to represent us, nor is it an upstart. It represents us already, and does so effectively. This raid initiative comes from the international unions, not from the employees, and these unions have been trying to raid us every year this millennium; it hasn’t worked because we already have a good union that looks after us.

The members of CLAC like the fact that we can deal with one Canadian union, instead of three American unions. Our union has 50 years of history representing all kinds of Canadian workers. Our contract was accepted by 98 per cent in a secret ballot vote. It provides us great rates and an excellent benefit plan. Our union’s RRSP puts the money in the accounts of employees, rather than propping up the under-funded pension plans of the international unions making up the TEL Group.

Maybe the TEL Group/internationals should focus on organizing some non-union employees, instead of just trying to horn in on the success story that labour and management are working hard to create at PKS.

Dave Fuoco

Chief Steward for CLAC at PKS



Questions to ponder

I would like to commend council for providing the public with the opportunity for involvement in the arena discussion, and hope the result will be the best possible for the community.