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Threatened and insulted


Community must participate in affordability

Affordability in Whistler is an important issue that needs to be tackled by both the community and the municipal government. The challenge is that in a capitalist society, many charge what the market can bear. In recent years the experience has been the market could bear a lot, especially with regard to real estate, leases and rent. This vicious cycle is fuelled by greed and opportunism and is difficult to reverse. The Whistler Housing Authority has tried to deal with this problem by setting price restrictions.

Judging by the response, I'm not the only person who feels threatened and insulted by the Barnfield case. I was appalled by Nick Davies’s contrasting view stated in the Question Dec. 8 (Homeowners need stability ex-housing authority chair says). "Davies said that in his view, there should be employee restrictions but not price restrictions… ‘Middle management types may not be interested in a home with a double restriction and it may induce people to leave the valley.’"

What? I believe people are leaving because the previous council failed to deliver any housing regardless of restrictions. Although Davies made it clear he couldn't discuss the Barnfield case, you've got to wonder whose side he's on, certainly not the 500+ families on the waiting list for price restricted homes!

I sincerely hope the new council can do a much better job of creating and protecting affordable housing and I think it’s crucial the community co-operates by offering fair rent.

Mike Roger




Barnfield answers back

The residents of Barnfield who have launched this action against the RMOW acknowledge the level of interest that this action has raised among the citizens of Whistler.

When you review the list of names that are attached to the petition you will note that: each of the men/women are decent people; civic minded, honest, and hard working family people. Barnfield families have nearly 400 years of combined commitment to Whistler. We filed this petition over two weeks before the municipal election. We chose then to remain silent and not make this a major election issue. The RMOW also made no information on this petition available to the public until after the election.

We have tried in many ways to engage the municipality and the WHA to reach some consensus regarding the proper interpretation of the covenants registered on our Titles, and to this end have received no satisfaction. This is something the residents have been working on for over eight years and now we are trying to reach a resolution through the courts that will ensure stability in our lives and for future purchasers of our homes.

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