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The smell of jobs disappears


The smell of jobs disappears

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. But who thought he would arrive this year as Jacob Marley's Scrooge in Sea to Sky Country?

I'm talking about the announcement of the closing of the pollution-spewing pulp mill of Woodfibre, south of Squamish. Whoopie!

I have been waiting for this day for more than 30 years of travelling between Vancouver and my home in Whistler. Would you believe the mill has been there since 1912 polluting the valley with stink, smog, and smoke? There were days you could gag as you drove along what was described as "One of the most scenic drives of Canada."

The sad part is the loss of some 300 jobs. But there is always call for experienced mill workers. And whether it's a gold mine, silver, coal or pulp, one of the first rules is that some day it ends.

We sincerely offer the best of luck to those affected. Meanwhile, Merry Christmas and thanks Santa.

Allan Eaton



In the spirt of giving…

This letter is to the individual(s) who removed (chopped down, stole) the young spruce tree from our friend's front yard on Fitzsimmons Road. We assume it went into your home as a Christmas tree. How ironic, given this is the season of goodwill, peace, happiness and the spirit of giving.

Your actions have left a hole not only in the yard, but also in the hearts of the people whose lives were affected by the tree. We can only hope that the spruce brings you, your family and friends happiness over the season. In the spring, would you please be so kind as to plant another spruce in the forest? You can purchase them at a garden centre.

Finally, we recommend reading Tree, A Life Story, by Dr. David Suzuki, so that you realize the magnitude of your actions.

Anne Kennedy and Scott Hepworth



More deterrence needed

I have lived in the Sea to Sky corridor, and now Squamish for almost three years. I am here, like most people because of the lifestyle, close drive to Whistler and the relaxed attitude. This combination, as wonderful as it is, has potentially devastating consequences.

I am referring to the relaxed attitude our RCMP officers take when dealing with drinking and driving. I wonder how many more of our friends and families have to die on the road between Whistler, Squamish and Pemberton before harsher penalties are handed out.

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