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You can't have both


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Reed Hortie



Wrong cultural icon

Just read the current issue and noticed that someone who looks very much like Don McKellar has been identified as Atom Egoyan (pg. 45). Now, both Mr. McKellar and Mr. Egoyan are from Toronto, and both wear glasses with a mussed up hairdo, and both are important members of the Canadian cultural scene. So just curious – is it my poor eyesight, or is that Mr. McKellar gracing your pages?

Andrew Wong

North Vancouver


This is why people love Whistler

I read Pique every week and I feel it would be nice to read something of a positive nature. I discovered today that the old spirit of Whistler, the one of helpfulness and caring, is not dead.

My mother dropped me at work this morning, Tuesday, Dec. 6 th . As she left, I noticed one of the tires on our truck seemed flat. I warned her as she drove off.

Five minutes later she called me for help as the tire had come off of its rim.

I left work and caught a cab in the loop. Shawn from Resort Cabs took me to her. He saw that we (not very technical when it comes to cars) were struggling. He took time out of his shift to change the tire, making sure that the vehicle and the two of us were safe. He did not want money for his time. He was just happy to help us.

I would like people to read this and remember how it used to be here. This is why people love Whistler, and it is the attitude that makes people want to return.

Thank you Shawn,

Katie and Connie Willcocks