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You can't have both


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The last time we saw Ledcor they were with Gordon Campbell, at his meetings and alongside him and Environment Minister Barry Penner during the recent provincial election campaign. This is starting to look like the Premier wants to give an enormous gift of wealth to a supporter and we are in the way. The province’s letter, which purports to be a trade, is a trick carefully designed to look like a trade. The offer to exchange something of value, the Ashlu, for a promise to keep other small and less desirable waterways free of power lines, dams and noisy turbines until they change their minds isn’t respectful of the public due process which this region has completed.

Tom Rankin

Squamish Valley


After reading your feature "Setting our Sights" (Dec. 1 2005) by Shelley Arnusch, I was convinced to give the Whistler Film Festival a try. Quotes of Bill Evans made me think that the festival would be free of the red carpet crap that ruins many small film festivals. Telluride was even mentioned and I thought perhaps the Whistler fest would be an attempt at an egalitarian affair.

So I shelled out $54 for two tickets to see the opening night screening of C.R.A.Z.Y. Upon arriving at the conference centre, the first thing I saw was a Mercedes Benz parked in the plaza and roped off. It would be emblematic of the rest of the evening.

Before my date and I reached the door we were rushed by a volunteer demanding to know if we were there for the reception or the screening. Once it was established we had screening tickets we were directed around the building and down the stairs to a side entrance and a waiting area. We had arrived early in order to get good seats and so far, no harm done, we waited for the doors to open.

When they did, we walked up the stairs to the theatre area and went to find seats. But more volunteers accosted us and informed us the first 12 rows were reserved for the people in the reception. The seats remained empty until moments before showtime when the reception guests sauntered in, cocktails in hand and proceeded to shmooze amongst themselves. Volunteers dutifully checked for a blue wrist band before letting them pass into the first 12 rows. It was everything the article claimed it was not going to be. I felt cheated and humiliated and I won't be back.