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You can't have both


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When we are able to listen with compassion, love and support to the reasons why people chose overeating as an unhealthy coping strategy in dealing with their pain, we are able to make a difference in their lives. When we are able to look beyond the "fat" only then can we truly see what is underneath and empower people along their path of self-discovery and healing. Exercising with guidance in a healthy, supportive environment is but one piece of the pie.

Sheila Sherkat


A trick dressed up as a trade

RE: Ledcor and The Squamish-Lillooet Regional District board meeting last week

There has been a two year public process which ended when the SLRD said no to the Ledcor re-zoning application to create a hydro electric plant on the Ashlu and apparently the provincial government is acting as Ledcor’s agent as they sent a letter to the SLRD board.

A report from the SLRD manager of planning was tabled and discussed. The report said there had been a few meetings with the provincial government and First Nations and the SLRD chair and planner and they knew of an offer coming from the province to exchange a promise of protection of 11 rivers for the Ledcor Ashlu power project.

The board received a letter from the deputy minister of Energy Mines and Resources. It read like an extortion attempt. The province is acting as an advocate for Ledcor who weeps for the money the Ashlu could generate. Buying zoning is illegal.

If another application from Ledcor materializes then the board can bring forward a motion to reconsider and deal with it there and not test the resolve of the people again and again.

The provincial government is acting under pretense of some public interest, like clean renewable energy for B.C. Private companies are getting licences on our surface water resources like a gold rush and that cannot be good public policy. Ledcor’s name (or ones they are using) pops up all over the map for these private power deals. Few know the real extent of loss of rivers in the process of being captured for private bank accounts. The Sea to Sky corridor has a bunch in operation and 64 licences in process, while the rest of the province has over 400 projects in motion. Those are simply huge numbers without a provincial plan, as a plan doesn’t suit the purposes of the developers. Remember the Ashlu is only one river saved from development and there are hundreds on the go.