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You can't have both


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Ken thought Karen’s concern was valid and in the first interview he granted after his election, he put the question out to his electorate. Just to remind your readers Ken’s integrity is such that he would ask the question and stick to the response – no matter the effect on his family. He does not denigrate the wage he receives, patrolling has fed his family. In our industry we are paid fairly, nevertheless it is challenging to support a family of four. Karen suggested becoming a volunteer patroller. As a patroller myself, I understand why Ken wants to stay a Pro – we throw bombs, volunteers don’t. What can I say? It is the best job in Whistler – next to mayor. It is Ken’s lifelong profession and perhaps he would like to return to it when he leaves politics.

Karen points out in her letter that Ken would only be available four out of the five days of full operation of municipal hall; the mayor operates 24/7. The hours and money spent on the campaign aside, Ken has been working at mayoral duties, meetings and on plans since he was elected without pay – he isn’t on the payroll as mayor until he is sworn in. If Ken works one day a week as a patroller it doesn’t mean that he will work four days a week as mayor instead of five. No, he will work six days a week instead of seven and still work nights! None of the other mayors have had to give up their businesses or professions, nor have they offered!

Optics can be everything; however, unlike a salaried employee an hourly employee’s compensation is pretty transparent. Ken is a worker – and a damn fine patroller. The irony of this situation does not escape me – as a candidate Ken was accused of a lack of sympathy to business and now he is accused of potential collusion! You can be assured that Intrawest is not going to be offering Ken Melamed a timeshare sales job in Hawaii anytime soon. It really isn’t Kenny’s style anyway, he’d much rather save lives, cheat death and throw bombs – I, for one, hope that he continues to do so.

Let’s hear from people – what do you think? Kenny wants to know.

Cathy Jewett,

Professional Ski Patroller


Setting the record straight

In response to G.D. Maxwell's column last week, I feel I must set the record straight. We have not just received a big rent increase, we have been dealing with annually increasing rent, therefore making the rent to sales ratio go up dramatically over the past few years.