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The way this matter unfolded had nothing to do with "bringing the issue of the local economy… to council". I have been stressing my concerns regarding the health of our economy consistently for all three years of this term, and based my actions accordingly. My understanding comes from 20 years on the front lines. I did not get my epiphany from the Community Monitoring Report, or any dialogue cafe.

This issue is also typical of part of my own style of community engagement, and my actions are often affected in this manner. I try hard to attend public forums on "hot button" issues. I understand that we cannot rely solely on staff, or the input of our circle of friends, for our understanding of complex community issues. For examples, I was the sole elected official in attendance at the 2005 Budget open house, the Whistler Forum for Dialogue on Unions, the Holborn presentation to the Tennis Club, the 5,000 sq. ft. Bylaw open house and, as mentioned, the dialogue café on retail.

Gordon McKeever



A tasty decision

The Alta Lake School would like to thank all of the generous Whistler and Pemberton businesses who helped make this year’s Harvest Soup Contest the most successful ever! With entries such as Roasted Sugar Pumpkin with Truffled Chanterelles from the Four Seasons Resort, Tuscan White Bean with Fire Roasted Tomatoes and Ham from the Big Smoke Mountain BBQ, and Celtic Roasted Root Vegetable from the Dubh Linn Gate, the decision was a hard but tasty one to make! All of the soups were so incredible, but ultimately the majority of the 450 plus soup tasters placed Roundhouse Lodge’s West Coast Seafood Chowder as the "Best Soup In Whistler".

Also we would like to thank the Marketplace IGA for supplying the fresh rolls, Slopeside Supply for the bowls and sample cups, The Whistler Farmer’s Market crew for setting up the tents and tables and Mother Nature for providing the cool but dry fall weather which helped make the soups taste even better!

Thank you to everyone who came out and sampled the soups! We will see you next year!

Peggy Vogler

The Alta Lake School


Keeping Whistler cool

We would like to send out a huge thank you to all 828 participants from 83 different businesses that made the 4 th Annual Whistler Way Commuter Challenge a huge success once again.

To all those who volunteered to co-ordinate the Challenge at their workplace, your effort and commitment was what made this event happen again this year. To those volunteers who helped out at our numerous side-events, your enthusiasm made the entire two weeks so much fun. Also thanks to all the sponsors and volunteers, we couldn’t have done it without you… especially Whistler-Blackcomb for donating the grand prize of a season’s pass, Meadow Park Sports Centre for the annual family pass and the RMOW for the year pass on WAVE buses. Also a big thank you goes to the federal One-Tonne Challenge program, which co-ordinated the entire event and donated the new grand prize Marin Mountain Bike.