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An extremely important part of communication is listening, and not just speaking. Elimination of the public microphone portion of the all candidates meeting deprives the community of a very useful and important opportunity to influence the political agenda of this election. The lack of public questions allows the candidates to choose and speak only about topics that they are comfortable with. At the same time, it deprives the public of an opportunity to get answers to issues that the candidates are not comfortable with and may wish to avoid talking about. Prepared position speeches can already be found on web sites or in promotional material.

We are requesting that your Board of Directors review the format and consider allowing questions from a public microphone.

Stephen L. Milstein, Campaign Manager

Campaign to Elect Melamed Mayor

Catch the Spirit

RE: The Whistler Spirit — A Chamber Program!

This letter to the editor is intended to clarify a statement made in an interview between assistant editor Andrew Mitchell, and mayoral candidate, Brian Walker, in the Oct. 13 th issue of Pique Newsmagazine.

Although the article mentioned that the Spirit Program was "offered by Tourism Whistler," it is important to clarify (especially as we begin to roll out the Spirit Program) that this program is, and always has been, a program initiated, and managed by the Whistler Chamber of Commerce.

The program, now in its 18 th year, began with the Whistler Chamber leading the local business community in identifying the need for all employees, resort-wide, to be trained in the basics of customer service, and general resort awareness, and what that would provide for the guests of the resort.

It didn’t take long for the business community to agree that the training was critical for Whistler’s long term success. Whistler-Blackcomb offered up a special pass at a reduced rate (Spirit Pass / formerly called the Ambassador Pass) to recognize this workforce for their commitment to this training, and the Spirit Program was born!

This year, the qualifying options are the most dynamic yet, and the Whistler Chamber expects over 3,000 Whistler employees/employers to go through the Spirit Program – demonstrating their commitment to consistently deliver customer service excellence to each and every guest.

"Catch the Spirit" - Check out for more information.

Bernie Lalor Morton

Whistler Chamber of Commerce

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