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We have three public schools in Whistler with hundreds of children requiring an education, so where are the candidates? Is education not an issue in Whistler? Is the future of our young people not of interest or concern? As a parent I was as involved as I could be. I am a past trustee and know how important it is to be at the table and have a say in what happens not only in our district but in the province. Bargaining is not done at the district level anymore and a full understanding of the factors that go towards how our schools are structured and the financial implications on class size and composition are important if we are to continue to have a passing grade.

Good public education is an amazing gift that we cannot ignore, so start to think of how you can get involved. Start by going to your school PAC meetings and see the difference that being involved in your child’s education can make. And next election let’s see some candidates who are passionate about education run for school trustee positions and make an election of it.

Alix Nicoll



Special needs students overlooked

RE: Don Brett’s article on the facts of the teachers strike.

Thank you to all teachers that took a stand to improve our children’s education for a better tomorrow. It is very frustrating for parents and teachers that last week’s issue did not list the facts on special needs students in relevance to class sizes in any way and the fact that the district has imposed through budget cuts insufficient allocation of funds to assist in special needs.

A garden full of roses to all the teachers at Spring Creek for your efforts and gains in preventing my sons from falling through the cracks created by the very foundation imposed by the government’s education lack of budgeting for special needs.

Iona Lake


Community loses voice

This letter was addressed to Greg Newton, chair of the Whistler Chamber of Commerce board of directors. A copy was forwarded to Pique.

I am writing to express a profound disappointment in the decision by the Chamber to eliminate the traditional public microphone questions from the all candidates meeting that you are sponsoring. We believe that the community has highlighted communication between the public and their elected officials as an important issue in this election.